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What would you like to see us add next?

Expired: 12/1/2013

Time to let your voice be heard! DraftnikCentral keeps a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and has many things on the back burner of the website. We have a huge list of things coming in the future. What we want to know is, what do you want the most?

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Total Votes: 15

Write your own prospect evaluation summaries 7
46.7/10 46.7%  
Create your own scouting reports 1
6.7/10 6.7%  
Create full round mock drafts 4
26.7/10 26.7%  
Create top prospect overall rankings 2
13.3/10 13.3%  
Add more players/information from previous drafts 0
0.0/10 0%  
Make more comparison tools 1
6.7/10 6.7%  

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