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What area of the site would you MOST like to see improved before the new season?

Expired: 7/1/2014

With another draft season behind us and a new season looming, we will be trying to improve the site experience as much as possible over the next coming months as we also transition into the new draft season. During that time, we will be working on all areas of the site but we can put added focus or emphasis on certain sections more so than others. In your opinion, as a site user, what areas would you like to see improved the most?

There are several key areas to choose from:

General Site Development - Creating new general pages. Like in the help section for example. Can also include improving existing ones like the Senior Bowl or general Draft Prospect pages.

Social Features - Might include things like upgrading the ways in which people with accounts interact with each other on the site. Added custom made forums. Discussion features. Etc.

Mock Drafts/Ranking Tools - Can consist of improving the old already created mock draft/rankings utilities or spending time creating new ones. We have barely begun to break ground in this area.

Content - More individual prospect analysis. Articles. Improved prospect pages and profiles. Scouting reports. Interviews. Etc.

Surveys - Both by spending time creating more polls in general. Especially polls specific to sections on the site like individual player polls. Upgrading the existing Best of the Guess/Best is also a consideration and eventually adding new surveys like those.

Previous Seasons - Adding in players/content from previous seasons prior to 2011. Prospects, stats, measureables, videos, etc.

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Total Votes: 356

General Site Development 347
97.5/10 97.5%  
Social Features 6
1.7/10 1.7%  
Mock Draft/Ranking Tools 2
0.6/10 0.6%  
Site Content 1
0.3/10 0.3%  
User Surveys 0
0.0/10 0%  
Past Season(s) Info 0
0.0/10 0%  
Other (Leave a Comment) 0
0.0/10 0%  

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