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What channel did you watch the draft on?

Expired: 5/30/2014

The NFL draft enjoyed it's highest ratings ever this past season. The market has been proven and the world has fall;en in love. Unlike most events which are exclusive, when it comes to watching the NFL draft on TV, fans have two major options.

The local brand NFL Network is brought to you by the NFL itself and the other is the long time running ESPN broadcast which has been going strong for many years. Each brand has it's own unique appeal and associated personalities.

We want to know whose coverage you choose to watch on draft day and why? Let us know in the comments!

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Total Votes: 165

NFL Network 140
84.8/10 84.8%  
11.5/10 11.5%  
I don't miss either one! 4
2.4/10 2.4%  
Too busy tweeting to watch. 0
0.0/10 0%  
I don't watch the draft. 2
1.2/10 1.2%  

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