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How many days will you watch in the draft?

Expired: 5/11/2014

In an effort to improve viewership and turn the NFL draft into a prime time event, the NFL has been maneuvering the draft hours and days in which it is held. It has gone from a two-day weekend-long event that starts in the morning and lasts all day to a much sleeker setup that spans prime time days and hours. Whether you liked the previous format or the newer approach, the question remains the same, how many days will you watch of the NFL draft?

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Total Votes: 77

Only my teams pick in the 1st round. 41
53.2/10 53.2%  
Only the 1st round/day. 2
2.6/10 2.6%  
Only the first two days. 7
9.1/10 9.1%  
All three days! I'm hardcore! 27
35.1/10 35.1%  
The draft is televised? 0
0.0/10 0%  
What NFL draft? 0
0.0/10 0%  
Can't watch it. Won't watch it. 0
0.0/10 0%  

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