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Who is your favorite NFL Draft analyst?

Expired: 5/1/2014

This seems to be a polarizing issue amongst the draft community year after year. Who is the best draft analyst? Who has the most accurate mock drafts? Who has the most accurate Top 100 prospect list? Who has the best analysis in hindsight.

While all of that is debatable, what is not, is whether you have a favorite one or not. What we want to know is who your favorite analyst covering the NFL draft? Let us know why in the comments.

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Total Votes: 169

Bucky Brooks 74
43.8/10 43.8%  
Dane Brugler 2
1.2/10 1.2%  
Charley Casserly 5
3.0/10 3.0%  
Charles Davis 3
1.8/10 1.8%  
Daniel Jeremiah 7
4.1/10 4.1%  
Mel Kiper Jr. 12
7.1/10 7.1%  
Mike Mayock 41
24.3/10 24.3%  
Todd McShay 12
7.1/10 7.1%  
Josh Norris 3
1.8/10 1.8%  
Rob Rang 4
2.4/10 2.4%  
Other (Tell us who?) 6
3.6/10 3.6%  

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Posted on: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 @ 3:06 am
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Total Comments: 241
Joined on: 7/5/2011
One other vote for Ryan Riddle.

Posted on: Saturday, April 19, 2014 @ 11:19 pm
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Total Comments: 241
Joined on: 7/5/2011
Bucky Brooks is running away with this thing.

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