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Which team is most likely to trade up in the Top 10?

Expired: 3/11/2014

Out of all of the teams listed, which team makes the most sense to possibly trade up within the Top 10 picks of the NFL draft?

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Total Votes: 31

#4 Cleveland Browns 12
38.7/10 38.7%  
#5 Oakland Raiders 0
0.0/10 0%  
#6 Atlanta Falcons 10
32.3/10 32.3%  
#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1
3.2/10 3.2%  
#8 Minnesota Vikings 1
3.2/10 3.2%  
#9 Buffalo Bills 3
9.7/10 9.7%  
#10 Detroit Lions 4
12.9/10 12.9%  

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