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Who is the best 3-technique defensive tackle in the 2014 draft?

Expired: 3/6/2014

There's been some debate on who is the top 3-technique defensive under tackle available in the 2014 NFL draft.

Some seem to prefer ultra-productive yet undersized Aaron Donald out of Pitt. Some seem to think it's clearly Timmy Jernigan, a more prototypical under tackle type. Some seem to think it's the towering physical specimen that is Ra'Shede Hageman. What about Dominique Easley who suffered injury and had high praise or Will Sutton who was once considered the best DT in the draft but had a down year?

There are plenty more worthy candidates in this year's draft and we will list them all down below. Let your voice be heard and tell us who you got!

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Total Votes: 35

Jay Bromley - Syracuse 6
17.1/10 17.1%  
Aaron Donald - Pittsburgh 20
57.1/10 57.1%  
Dominique Easley - Florida 0
0.0/10 0%  
Ego Ferguson - LSU 0
0.0/10 0%  
Ra'Shede Hageman - Minnesota 2
5.7/10 5.7%  
Timmy Jernigan - Florida St. 3
8.6/10 8.6%  
Anthony Johnson - LSU 0
0.0/10 0%  
Kelcy Quarles - South Carolina 1
2.9/10 2.9%  
Kaleb Ramsey - Boston College 1
2.9/10 2.9%  
Will Sutton - Arizona St. 0
0.0/10 0%  
Stephon Tuitt - Notre Dame 0
0.0/10 0%  
George Uko - USC 0
0.0/10 0%  
Other not listed... 2
5.7/10 5.7%  

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