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PhillyFanatic's Eagles 2015 Mock Draft

Eagles 2015 Hindsight Draft

Re-doing the Eagles draft with my own picks.

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Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (20th) SS Landon Collins Alabama Jr 5'11 5/8" 215 lbs. 4.53

Analysis: I'm a USC fan and I personally really like Agholor. I think Chip Kelly will be able to turn him into a very productive replacement for Maclin. So I hate removing him from this pick but I think Landon Collins will be a great player in this league too and filled a much bigger area of need for the team. The secondary was atrocious last year and needs more help than just Eric Rowe.

Also considered Byron Jones, CB, Connecticut.

Landon Collins Interview 12/28/2013
Landon Collins Interview 12/23/2013
Landon Collins Interview 9/21/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 2nd (47th) 43DE Randy Gregory Nebraska rJr 6'5 5/8" 245 lbs. 4.76

Analysis: We know he has issues. We know Chip has been cleaning house in the locker room. I think his talent and the pick number warrants the risk of bringing him into the fold and helping him mature as a man.

Randy Gregory Interview 10/12/2013
Randy Gregory vs Miami 2014
Randy Gregory vs Rutgers 2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (84th) CB Josh Shaw USC rSr 6'0 5/8" 200 lbs. 4.55

Analysis: Staying in the Pac-12 and adding another Trojan to the mix. Plagued by off the field issues in 2014, Shaw lost a lot of stock leading up to the draft but is a first round talent on the field.

Josh Shaw Interview 11/17/2013
Josh Shaw Interview 9/9/2012
Josh Shaw Interview 4/15/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th (191st) TE Randall Telfer USC rSr 6'3 3/4" 255 lbs. 4.45

Analysis: Randall Telfer is a great height/weight/speed guy that Kelly is familiar with. Primarily used as USC's blocking TE, he can also provide a mismatch in the passing game with his speed. The Eagles could use some depth at TE. Celek is getting older and Ertz could use a little push in practice.

Randall Telfer Interview 8/9/2012
Randall Telfer Touchdown vs Hawaii
Randall Telfer Interview 4/5/2012

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th (196th) WR Darren Waller Georgia Tech Sr 6'4 1/4" 225 lbs. 4.54

Analysis: Waller is a project but one with great size and speed. After missing out on Agholor and addressing the secondary with other picks, I decided to give Kelly's offense a weapon on the outside that could get a couple of looks deep during games on vertical routes to stretch the field.

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (237th) FS Gerod Holliman Louisville rSo 5'11 3/4" 202 lbs. 4.54

Analysis: Why is the NCAA INT leader available in the 7th round? I don't know but now he's an Eagle. He's very young and should only get better with age.

Gerod Holliman vs Boston College 2014
Gerod Holliman Interview 11/8/2014
Gerod Holliman 2014 Highlights

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Posted on: Thursday, May 14, 2015 @ 5:31 pm
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Really like the Gregory, Telfer, and Hollimon picks. Holliman could the steal of the draft.

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