Top Prospect Per Position Rankings Walkthrough

A step by step walkthrough of the Top Prospects Per Position Rankings service provided by Find out more about what it is all about.

Getting Started

STEP 1: First things first. You'll need to be logged in and you'll need an account to do that. If you don't have an account already, feel free to sign up now and meet us back here.

Click your username in the top right corner of the website to access your control panel

STEP 2: To locate your control panel just click your username in the top right corner of the screen, once you're signed in. From there you can access the part of the site where you may participate in all of the current activities, including but not limited to Top Prospects Per Position Rankings.

Locating the top prospects per position tab.

STEP 3: Locate the "Top Prospects Per Position" section amongst the options of your control panel. If they are in season, there will be a link to Create New Rankings. Click that link now.

Note: Most functionality on the site -including this application- only comes down for a short period of time during the draft so that we can transition to the new draft season.

Top prospects per position control panel options.

STEP 4: Once you've created your top prospect per position rankings you will be taken to your top prospects per position control panel. From there you will have a few options. You can begin adding positions to your rankings with the "Add Position" button. You may preview your rankings at anytime with the "Preview" button. You may publish or unpublish your rankings with the "Publish" & "Unpublish" buttons. You may also edit your main description with the "Edit" button.

Let's begin by adding our first new position. Click the "Add Position" button to begin.

Adding a position to your rankings.

STEP 5: Select a position from the dropdown menu you would like to add and you can add optional commentary to it if you like. Up to 8,000 characters at this time. Per position.

Once you've created your new position you have two options. You can continue creating more position rankings to edit later or you can begin editing that position now by clicking any of the links provided to edit that new position list.

Please Note: Individual player commentary will be coming in the future as a future site addition.

Start ranking prospects by dragging and dropping names on the edit page.

STEP 6: To begin editing your position rankings, start by dragging prospects names from the "Remaining Prospects" box into the "Ranking Order" box. They will appear in the order that they are listed from the top to bottom, first to last. Don't forget to save your changes before leaving by clicking the "Save Changes" button. The new changes will be reflected immediately on your rankings pages.

Please Note: Currently this part of the application does not work with mobile devices. That functionality will be a future site addition.

Publish your rankings when you're done.

STEP 7: Whenever you're ready you can click the "Publish" button for others to be able to see your work. You don't have to be done adding or editing your position lists to publish them either. You may preview your work at anytime yourself with the preview button whether it's published or not as well.

View your finished rankings.

STEP 8: Viewing your finished product is easy. There are several links spread out throughout the site that will allow you to view your rankings. Many of which are available in the control panel pages as you create them. Click any of those at anytime to view your work.

Please Note: Draft picks are updated live on the website during the actual NFL draft. By creating position rankings you will be able to keep track of who has been taken and who is still available live as the draft unfolds. Allowing you to see how your rankings stack up in real time as they happen.

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