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Speed & Quickness Differential

Speed & Quickness Differential is a measurement used to compare straight line speed with short area quickness and change of direction abilities in an effort to find players who play football "fast" that may have been otherwise overlooked due to their lack of overall straight line speed.

It is created by subtracting a prospects Short Shuttle (20 yard shuttle) time from their Forty Time to create the final Speed & Quickness Differential number.

Typically you would look for guys that did not perform well in the 40 yard dash and see if their COD and quickness make up for their lack of overall straight line speed. The magic number or sweet spot seems to be in excess of .50 for a prospects Speed & Quickness Differential. The higher, the better.

This measurement applies to nearly all positions with an added emphasis for running backs, tight ends, interior offensive linemen, defensive ends and linebackers.

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