Forty Yard Dash

The Forty Yard Dash measures explosion and speed sustained over a distance. It is measured by timing the speed in which it takes a prospect to travel forty yards from a static position, in seconds and milliseconds, or tenths of a second.

Prospects typically use a three or four point stance when participating in the event. Proper stance can influence and improve times significantly. A typical stance may have the prospects hips slightly elevated above the head, feet less than shoulder width apart and toes pointing forward. One leg (power leg) should be forward with the ankle underneath the hip, with the other leg (quick leg) about another foot length behind. Shoulders directly over the hand and thumb. Back arm (power side) cocked at a 90 degree angle behind the hip. Head down, with eyes focused a few feet ahead on the ground to create forward body lean.

This measurement is important for some quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, defensive ends, linebackers and defensive backs. With an added emphasis to running backs, wide receivers, linebackers and defensive backs.

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