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Explosive Power

Explosive Power is a measurement used to determine a player's explosion and power as a cumulative total from both the upper and lower body explosion measurements.

It is a combination of a prospects Bench Press (upper body power), Broad Jump (lower body power), and Vertical Jump (lower body power) numbers broken down to form one whole number. Numbers are rounded, then added together to produce the final result.

Typically the higher the number, the better, with some caveats. Guys with high Bench Press numbers and poor lower body explosion numbers tend to be workout warriors in the weight room but lack functional strength. Guys with very high lower body explosion numbers and poor Bench Press numbers lack the power to finish when delivering blows. Ideally you want to see balance from the numbers within the number.

This measurement applies to nearly all positions with an added emphasis for running backs, tight ends, offensive linemen and all defensive personnel.

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