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What Is A Hindsight Mock Draft?

A Hindsight Mock Draft is your opportunity to jump into the shoes of a draft day decision maker and re-do your favorite team's NFL draft picks from the most recent draft the way YOU would have done it. As if you were making the final decision. Just like the pros. While having your thoughts documented and hosted year after year in one easy to find location.

How does it work?

You start by choosing a team. Note: Choose carefully though, you only get one.

During creation of your new Hindsight Mock Draft you may add an optional title and/or comments if you like giving us more insight and details into the thought process and rationale that went into the making of your mock draft.

Once you've chosen a team, you will be taken to that team's draft picks for the current year. You now have control to change/edit players and add comments until you have created your optimal draft. Keep the picks you like. Change the ones you don't like. It's that simple. If you like every pick your team made, keep them all and add some commentary. If you only would have changed one, change one. If you want to change them all, you can do that too. The power is in your hands!

Please Note: You may only select players taken AFTER the current overall selection. There also are no trades to keep it as realistic as possible.

When you're finished editing your draft, you may then publish it for the world to see if you like.

Also Note: Picks may only be edited for a limited time each year to preserve their integrity. This works as a working track record year after year to show how you would have done, had you been the one making the decisions. Now you can show off your skills.

How do I get started?

Hindsight Drafts must be in season before you can create one. They're limited to one per year, only after the draft, starting within a few days of the draft's completion. You then have around a month to finalize yours until they become locked forever to preserve their integrity for the future.

All you need to get started when they're in season is to have an account and membership is 100% free!

Are Hindsight Drafts In Season?

No. Hindsight Mock Drafts are currently not in season. Check back after the NFL draft.

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