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What Is A Dream Draft?

  • A Dream Draft allows you to step into the shoes of an NFL GM and take control of any NFL team of your choice to create a unique personalized version of a draft for that team.
  • You will start by having some pre-determined picks added to your draft, according to the current NFL draft order, if available.
  • You may then start selecting/editing players or manipulating your choices by adding, altering or dropping your pick selections until you have the optimal draft.
  • You may add optional commentary to your Dream Drafts. Both for the overall presentation and individual pick selections. Currently limited to 1,000 characters per comment.
  • When you're done. Publish your draft to make it final and share it with the world!
  • Login to create yours today, only at DraftnikCentral.com!

See our Dream Draft walkthrough for additional information...

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