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Draftnik Challenge

How it Works

  • You will be polled on 20 very specific & carefully selected draft related questions.
  • Those questions won't have any preconceived answers at this time. (i.e. No "right" or "wrong" answers.)
  • The questions will be geared towards testing your draft knowledge in specific areas after we have seen where players were drafted to give us a sense of scheme and fit.
  • The polling time will end 6/1/2013. Allowing you enough time to make confident selections but not enough time to have too much new pertinent information that may surface at later dates (like training camp) that could effect the players status in your mind.
  • We have plans to revisit these questions in the future, when we feel a necessary amount of time has passed to be able to sufficiently answer them discriminantly. Independent from question to question.
  • We may also have plans to "grade" the answers in the future but can't comment further on that at this time.
  • We encourage you to take your time and review all answers thoroughly before coming to a final conclusion. There is no rush, unless you just happened to pop up on the last day.
  • You have until the specified cutoff date (6/1/2013) to complete this task. After that date, any answers will become "locked in" and will be unable to be altered to preserve the answers integrity.

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