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Best of the Best

How it Works

  • Best of the Best is currently out of season.
  • When Best of the Best is in season, the objective is to select which player will be the best player three years down the road at their respective position from the list provided.
  • The list consists of every player at every position that was drafted within the first three rounds of the NFL draft.
  • That list will then be broken down by position. It's possible that there may be only one player or no one available at all for a certain position. In that case, the answer is simple and already made for you.
  • After the designated "end date" the process will be "locked" to ensure data integrity. No one may particpate or edit their answers from that point forward.
  • We will then revisit each list in three years to see how everyone did in hindsight.
  • When it is time to take the Best of the Best Challenge we encourage you to take your time and review all answers thoroughly before commiting to them. You have from the designated start date to the end date, which is usually roughly a month, so there is no rush. Unless you just happened to pop up on the last day, so remember to choose carefully.

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