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Last Updated: 5/8/2014 6:29 PM

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Pre Draft Mock.....it's the dress rehearsal.

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Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (1st) 34OLB Khalil Mack Buffalo rSr 6'2 5/8" 251 lbs. 4.55

Analysis: Houston wants Mack more than it wants Clowney. But are they brave enough to take him. In this draft. Yes. They had too high of price on the first pick so no one comes a calling.....

Khalil Mack Highlights 2012
Khalil Mack Highlights
Khalil Mack Interview 10/19/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (2nd) WR Sammy Watkins Clemson Jr 6'0 3/4" 211 lbs. 4.43

Analysis: Cleveland offers their #2, 35th and their 83rd (From Pittsburgh) to move up and take Man......no a swerve... It's Watkins and they have the ammo to do it. the Rams needing a few more players to challenge the NFC Best....jump all over it. It's their draft to control.

Sammy Watkins vs Auburn NC State and Wake Forest ('11 & '12)
Sammy Watkins Interview 5/7/2014
Sammy Watkins 2013 Highlights

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (3rd) 43DE Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina Jr 6'5 1/4" 266 lbs. 4.53

Analysis: Jacksonville quickly offers up the 3rd pick and here comes Atlanta running. they give up their 6th and 37th and throw in a 2015 4th rounder. Jacksonville is content.....

Jadeveon Clowney vs 9 Teams 2011/2012
Jadeveon Clowney Interview 4/4/2014
Jadeveon Clowney pro day highlights

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (4th) WR Mike Evans Texas A&M rSo 6'4 3/4" 231 lbs. 4.46

Analysis: Tampa knows St. Louis has no qualms about dealing down and they also know they have to get in front of Oakland to get Evans. So they do it w/ an offer of their 7th and their 38th. Lovie has his reason not to pick Manziel.....

Mike Evans vs LSU 2013
Mike Evans vs Duke 2013 (Chick Fil A Bowl)
Mike Evans vs Arkansas 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (5th) OT Greg Robinson Auburn rSo 6'5" 332 lbs. 4.92

Analysis: Oakland takes the predictable pick of Robinson now that Evans is off the board.

Greg Robinson Interview 8/5/2011
Greg Robinson vs Florida St. 2014 (BCS Championship)
Greg Robinson 2014 NFL Combine

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (6th) QB Johnny Manziel Texas A&M rSo 5'11 3/4" 207 lbs. 4.68

Analysis: Jacksonville now takes Manziel since the 2 defensive players and Watkins is off the board. Besides it gives Kahn some ammo to build a new stadium.....in London.....or possibly that little old town out west that doesn't have a team....Can you imagine Johnny Football goes to Hollywood.....

Johnny Manziel on Fame Perception
Johnny Manziel vs LSU 2012
Johnny Manziel Heisman Highlight Video Part 3

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (7th) OT Jake Matthews Texas A&M Sr 6'5 1/2" 308 lbs. 5.07

Analysis: St Louis continues with "gift that keeps giving..." The RG3 trade. Jake Mathews is the safest pick of the draft....and now he's hooked up w/ his dad's old coach..... this makes too much sense.....

Jake Matthews vs Alabama 2012
Jake Matthews vs Missouri 2013
Jake Matthews vs Ole Miss 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (8th) QB Blake Bortles Central Florida rJr 6'5" 232 lbs. 4.93

Analysis: If Norv Turner drew up his concept of what a QB would look like, it would look like Blake Bortles...... (but he probably wouldn't give it the Harry Potter inspired name.......)

Blake Bortles vs Rutgers 2013
Blake Bortles vs South Florida 2013
Blake Bortles vs Marshall (2012)

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (9th) OT Taylor Lewan Michigan rSr 6'7 1/8" 309 lbs. 4.87

Analysis: Buffalo don't mind the extra baggage Lewan brings to the table. they actually want their lineman to be a little bit nasty.

Taylor Lewan Interview 11/2/2013
Taylor Lewan vs Notre Dame 2013
Taylor Lewan Interview 10/7/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (10th) CB Justin Gilbert Oklahoma St. Sr 6'0 1/8" 202 lbs. 4.37

Analysis: Gilbert fills their bill as the top CB. So he heads to Detroit. Detroit would have preferred on of the earlier WRs....but they were just too far down the ladder to be able to jump up and grab.

Justin Gilbert vs Iowa St. 2013
Justin Gilbert Interview 3/27/2013
Justin Gilbert Career Highlights

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