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Last Updated: 1/8/2015 12:35 AM

2TMLM's Mock Draft 2.0

- I will not project any trades until the draft order is set
in its entirety.

- The draft order used in this mock is based on the draft
order as it stands on 1/7/2014. I have made no

- This mock is a combination of my personal rankings and what
I believe will happen.

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Show/Hide All Player Comments Rd (Ovr) Team Pos Name College Cls Height Weight 40
Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (1st) QB Jameis Winston Florida St. rSo 6'3 3/4" 235 lbs. 4.83

Analysis: Early news seems to indicate Tampa Bay may favor Jameis Winston to Marcus Mariota. I know I personally do, so this pick meshes perfectly with my rankings. Regardless of it being Winston or Mariota, Tampa Bay either needs to take a QB or trade down. Any other pick/possibility won't make much sense here.

Jameis Winston vs North Carolina St. 2013
Jameis Winston with Steve Mariucci
Jameis Winston vs Oregon (2015 Rose Bowl)

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (2nd) 34DE Leonard Williams USC Jr 6'4 5/8" 298 lbs. 4.88

Analysis: Titans' brass and even their fans seem to be happy with giving Zach Mettenberger another year. I'll play along with that train of thought in my second mock by giving Tennessee the best defensive player in the draft. The Titans could use the defensive help, specifically, in the the defensive front seven. Leonard Williams bolsters an anemic run defense that ranked 31st in the league in 2014, but he'll also help solidify an already decent pass rush that totaled 39.0 sacks in 2014 (good for #t-16 in the league).

Leonard Williams Highlights 2012
Leonard Williams vs Notre Dame 2013
Leonard Williams vs Stanford 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (3rd) 43DE Shane Ray Missouri rJr 6'2 3/4" 245 lbs. 4.83

Analysis: Gus Bradley is one of the best defensive minds in football, but he still needs to find a LEO to solidify a Jacksonville pass rush that somewhat surprisingly racked up 45.0 sacks in 2014. Shane Ray would instantly add to the pass rush, and his physical potential would help develop him into a nice run defender. Jacksonville would probably covet Leonard Williams, given they lack an interior presence to complement Sen'Derrick Marks, but Ray would be a nice consolation prize.

Shane Ray Sophomore/Junior High School Highlights
Shane Ray vs Florida 2013
Shane Ray U.S. Army All-America and Rivals Midwest Elite Combines

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (4th) WR Amari Cooper Alabama Jr 6'0 1/2" 202 lbs. 4.56

Analysis: Oakland should simply go BPA with Amari Cooper here. They did it last year with Khalil Mack, and it worked out perfectly for them. WR may not be Oakland's biggest need; however, they do need to find weapons for Derek Carr, and Amari Cooper is the best one available. The Marvin Harrison comparisons Cooper has been given are legitimate. This kid is special.

Amari Cooper vs Auburn 2013
Amari Cooper Alabama Highlights
Amari Cooper Interview 4/7/2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (5th) OT Ronnie Stanley Notre Dame rJr 6'5 5/8" 315 lbs. 5.16

Analysis: Washington's biggest need is safety, but their offensive line is nearly as bad. Washington's OL allowed an astonishing 58.0 sacks in 2014 (ranked #31st in the league), so Ronnie Stanley would be right at home in the Nation's Capitol. Stanley is an offensive line talent who will climb up boards if he declares due to his physical upside. He can play anywhere on the line, other than center, so he'll make a nice long-term building block to pair with Pro Bowler Trent Williams.

Ronnie Stanley Interview 11/6/2014
Ronnie Stanley Interview 3/19/2011
Ronnie Stanley Interview 9/25/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (6th) QB Marcus Mariota Oregon rJr 6'3 5/8" 215 lbs. 4.52

Analysis: The question for me here was whether or not to give the Jets the "sexy" pick. In this mock, I leaned towards Mariota, because I believe most fans would clamor for him. I have Brandon Scherff ranked higher. I also believe he'd fill a bigger need, but Mariota keeps the fans interested. It's not like Geno Smith is any good either.

Marcus Mariota vs Virginia 2013
Marcus Mariota vs Michigan St. 2014
Marcus Mariota #8 High School Senior Highlights

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (7th) WLB Shaq Thompson Washington Jr 6'1 5/8" 231 lbs. 4.56

Analysis: The only linebacker of substance the Bears have right now is Lance Briggs, and he's only getting older. Shaq Thompson will be able to step in and make splash plays, forces turnovers, be a sure tackler, etc. for one of the league's worst defenses. Thompson needs to bulk up and improve his take-on skills, but he can get anywhere on the field and is a very reliable tackler once he gets there. His athleticism should allow him to be a three down LB, as well.

Shaq Thompson Interview 5/20/2014
Shaq Thompson Interview 8/31/2013
Shaq Thompson vs Oregon St. 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (8th) 43DE Alvin Dupree Kentucky rSr 6'3 1/8" 252 lbs. 4.79

Analysis: Atlanta needs help all over the defensive line. Bud Dupree is already a stout run defender, and his athleticism make him project well as an NFL pass rusher. These traits should make Dupree the all-around defensive line threat Atlanta desperately needs.

Alvin Dupree Interview 9/19/2012
Alvin Dupree Interview 8/6/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (9th) OT Brandon Scherff Iowa rSr 6'4 5/8" 320 lbs. 4.93

Analysis: Scherff will likely fall down draft boards as he projects better as an NFL guard. Regardless, I love the kid. The Giants really need to an improve an offensive line that "blocked" for the 23rd ranked rush offense in the league. Scherff is a tenacious, hard nosed power blocker that will help in that regard.

Brandon Scherff vs Indiana 2014
Brandon Scherff Interview 10/1/2013
Brandon Scherff Interview 12/12/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (10th) OT Ereck Flowers Miami (FL) Jr 6'5 1/8" 315 lbs. 5.26

Analysis: Ereck Flowers is a guy I didn't scout much until he officially declared for the draft, but now that I've seen him, I can't resist his physical upside. I wouldn't necessarily say Flowers is a project, but he does need to refine his technique to be more consistent. Saying that, Paul Boudreau is one of he best OL coaches in the league, so I don't think that'll be an issue. I believe Flowers could play RT in St. Louis from day one if absolutely necessary, but I believe he'd be better suited inside early on.

Ereck Flowers Senior High School Highlights Part 1
Ereck Flowers vs Louisville 2013
Ereck Flowers vs Florida St. 2013

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This is a good Mock Draft. I think White might be gone but if not he would be a great addition to Cleveland. The rest of the picks are on point for the browns.

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