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Show/Hide All Player Comments Rd (Ovr) Team Pos Name College Cls Height Weight 40
Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (1st) 43DE Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina Jr 6'5 1/4" 266 lbs. 4.53

Show/Hide Player Comments 2nd (1st) QB Derek Carr Fresno St. rSr 6'2 3/8" 214 lbs. 4.69

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (1st) OT Antonio Richardson Tennessee Jr 6'5 3/4" 336 lbs. 5.30

Show/Hide Player Comments 4th (1st) TE Marcel Jensen Fresno St. rSr 6'5 3/4" 259 lbs. 4.84

Show/Hide Player Comments 4th (35th) HB Lache Seastrunk Baylor rJr 5'9 1/2" 201 lbs. 4.37

Show/Hide Player Comments 5th (1st) WR Isaiah Burse Fresno St. Sr 5'10 3/8" 188 lbs. 4.57

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Posted on: Sunday, April 27, 2014 @ 3:53 pm
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Joined on: 2/8/2014
Good draft for the Packers until picking the running back. They're pretty solid
there and the pick could've been used on a tight end.

Posted on: Sunday, April 27, 2014 @ 6:51 pm
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Joined on: 7/5/2011
I think the Rams draft was good. I like Jordan Matthews but I really have to question if the Rams will take a WR early in this draft. Do I think they need one? Yes but I also think they fooled themselves by taking Tavon Austin last year and they're going to get back to the basics this year. Which is defense and running the ball. The only pick I'd really change is Lynch in the 5th. I know Lance Kendricks's contract will be up next year and they could use an upgrade at TE despite having Jared Cook as well. I just don't think it'll be this year.

Tre Mason and Greg Robinson would be a fun duo to watch again too!

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