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Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (16th) SS Kenny Vaccaro Texas Sr 6'1" 218 lbs. 4.57

Analysis: No brainer, we need the best coverage safety in the draft and he falls to us becuase a few teams reach for QBs.

Kenny Vaccaro vs West Virginia 2012
Kenny Vaccaro All-Star Football Challenge
Kenny Vaccaro 2012 Senior Highlights

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (22nd) WR Justin Hunter Tennessee Jr 6'3 1/2" 205 lbs. 4.49

Analysis: I think after the Combine, the top 3 WRs will be Patterson, Allen, and Hunter. The first 2 will be gone by pick 22 but Rams fans won't be complaining when we draft the next Randy Moss :)

Justin Hunter 2011 Tribute
Justin Hunter vs Cincinnati
Justin Hunter Interview 8/27/2012

Show/Hide Player Comments 2nd (16th) OG Larry Warford Kentucky Sr 6'3 1/4" 333 lbs. 5.34

Analysis: At this pick all of the premier offensive lineman are gone, and Warford is the next best on the front line. We need help inside more than outside, as Saffold should be fine at LT and we can plug and play RT.

Larry Warford talks about Senior Night
Larry Warford Talks about Kentucky's 2nd Scrimmage 8/18/2012
Larry Warford Interview 2012 SEC Media Days

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (16th) HB Marcus Lattimore South Carolina Jr 5'11 3/4" 220 lbs. 4.58

Analysis: Here we go, smart pick, see Willis McGahee et al. Except in this case we get a better RB than McGahee was later in the draft (McGahee was a 1st rd pick with similiar knee injury). He may be out for the first half of the season, but if he's here he can be Steven Jackson's replacement.

Marcus Lattimore 2011 Season
Marcus Lattimore Interview 4/16/2012
Marcus Lattimore 2010 Highlights

Show/Hide Player Comments 4th (16th) FS Tyrann Mathieu Without Jr 5'7 3/4" 178 lbs. 4.51

Analysis: Perfect scenario here. Mathieu has been through a lot, just like Janoris Jenkins, and is ready to move on. Mathieu is 1st rd talent even with his small frame just like Jenkins was. So we play smart and get 1st rd talent in the 4th rd. I like to think Mathieu is like Bob Sanders - same size and can probably be just as good. Not worried about his 5'9'' height as like Sanders, he plays taller.

Heisman Trophy interview: Tyrann Mathieu
Tyrann Mathieu vs Georgia 2011
Tyrann Mathieu vs Arkansas 2011

Show/Hide Player Comments 5th (16th) OT Menelik Watson Florida St. Jr 6'5 1/8" 320 lbs. 5.06

Analysis: More depth for the OL.

Menelik Watson + more Interview 3/19/2013
Menelik Watson vs Miami 2012
Menelik Watson on the Jim Rome Show

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th (16th) SLB Jake Knott Iowa St. Sr 6'2 1/8" 239 lbs. 4.66

Analysis: Try to fill the OLB role with a late pick.

Jake Knott on picks and Mohawks 9/8/2012
Jake Knott Interview 9/3/2012
Jake Knott Interview 8/2/2012

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (16th) QB Collin Klein Kansas St. rSr 6'5 1/8" 226 lbs. 4.73

Analysis: This may seem like a surprise to some but I think Kein is a really good athlete worth a 7th rd pick. He could play TE he's 6'5'' and fast. He could also be a project QB in the glass half empty case that Bradford doesn't work out, he has great speed and would enable us to adopt to the Option/Pistol offense that our division foes have made so popular.

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Posted on: Saturday, February 23, 2013 @ 1:45 am
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This draft has great boom and bust potential. Could pay off big with the risks or could blow up in your face but I like more than I don't.

I really believe that Justin Hunter is the real deal and will be seen as a first round pick by draft time. His best days are definitely ahead of him. The concentration drops this year didn't worry me one bit.

I also believe that Larry Warford will be a legit pro bowl worthy guard at the next level. He will be everything you need him to be as a RG. Not necessarily a great puller but doesn't need to be. Great in pass pro. Works his drive and angle blocks with power and tenacity. Finisher. One of my favorite prospects in this draft.

If Lattimore checks out medically, I'm alright with this pick, although I'd prefer it in the 4th or later. Some guys don't bounce back to 100%. Some guys are still better than others at 80-90% but I don't know that I would want to rely on just Lattimore, Pead and Richardson in a backfield. Need a little more reliability I think or a fourth option.

I agree about the Honey Badger, he definitely plays bigger than he is listed but I would see him as a pure safety project here, since he would be buried on the depth chart as a slot corner. Unless injuries hit.

Just can't see Watson available this late. Should go 2-3 rounds higher. Not a big fan of Collin Klein either. I agreed with Greg Cosell's opinion on running QB's. They still need to pass the ball to be effective. Klein is not as good at that as I would like. I would probably prefer a bigger risk/reward option at this pick or use it on a small school gem of a priority UDFA.

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