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CamanoIslandJQ's Seahawks Mock Draft

Post combine, mid-free agency

Needs: OL (2/3), OLB/Edge, DL, RB#2, DB, WR/TE.

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Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (26th) OT Germain Ifedi Texas A&M rJr 6'4 3/4" 325 lbs. 5.34

Analysis: Okung left in FA, so OT is a huge need, Ifedi should be available here and will be a nice addition to the Seahawks offensive line. Even if he ends up at RT or LG, it would only be because 2-nd year OT-Gilliam beats him out at LT. Coach Cable will have a major job to do this year just assimilating the pieces to come up with an offensive line that jells, hopefully very quickly. This draft will provide Coach Cable with at least 3-4 new guys to go along with their 2 recent FA signees plus a few practice squad guys who could move up the ladder.

Germain Ifedi vs Arklansas 2013
Germain Ifedi vs LSU 2013
Germain Ifedi vs South Carolina 2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 2nd (24th) 43DE Charles Tapper Oklahoma Sr 6'3 3/4" 283 lbs. 4.87

Analysis: Pass rushers are always needed. Tapper has a GREAT get off evidenced by his explosive sub 1.60 - 10 yard split. Decent performance stats. Needs some coaching, but a solid value with this pick.

Charles Tapper vs Alabama 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (25th) OC Ryan Kelly Alabama rSr 6'4 1/4" 297 lbs. 5.23

Analysis: Center competition is needed. Kelly looks good in rush game, may need some coaching up in general, but he is a BIG guy and played very well in the SEC conference. Could probably play LG as well (anyone would be a better LG than Britt last year.) **** OG/C-Connor McGovern **** would do also but he didn't show up in any of the drop down boxes & I'm too lazy to try and get him added. I'd take either one as a C/OG pick that is very much needed.

Ryan Kelly vs Virginia Tech (2013)
Ryan Kelly vs Ole Miss 2013
Ryan Kelly vs Texas A&M 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (32nd) WR Rashard Higgins Colorado St. Jr 6'1 5/8" 188 lbs. 4.53

Analysis: Hollywood is coming to Seahawk-ville. Dynamic WR with decent production and I see some circus catches coming............. Russell Wilson will love this kid.

Show/Hide Player Comments 4th (25th) CB Sean Davis Maryland Sr 6'1 1/4" 200 lbs. 4.53

Analysis: A big time Thumper with lots of tackles and 5-forced fumbles, 3-INT in 2015. Has played 2-years at FS and 1+ at CB. I see him as a slot-CB & FS hybrid, Near elite flexibility test "'s, He can "stick & hit" and just needs to be a Seahawk.

Show/Hide Player Comments 5th (26th) UT Javon Hargrave South Carolina St. Sr 6'1 5/8" 295 lbs. 5.30

Analysis: Replacement for the departed Mebane. Solid interior rusher needed.

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th (25th) 43DE Dadi Nicolas Virginia Tech rSr 6'2 5/8" 236 lbs. 4.58

Analysis: Replacement for the departed Irvin. Will be a SAM linebacker for the Seahawks.
Overall testing #'s & size fit the position.

Dadi Nicolas vs Ohio St. 2014
Dadi Nicolas vs Pittsburgh 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (26th) HB D.J. Foster Arizona St. Sr 5'10 3/4" 195 lbs. 4.52

Analysis: Has great experience as both a WR & RB, a poor mans Percy Harvin clone? Rawls will be the starter but this kid in relief would be a big play making asset.
(RB-Tyler Ervin would work as well, but he didn't show up in the drop down box!)

D.J. Foster High School Junior Highlights
D.J. Foster Interview 11/10/2014
D.J. Foster Interview 8/12/2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (32nd) OT Stephane Nembot Colorado rSr 6'6 1/2" 295 lbs. 5.18

Analysis: Very much a project but a very developable kid. In a couple of years could be the steal of this draft if he develops to his very high potential. Coach him up and sit back and watch (and hope). This guy just looks "mean" in his picture, maybe he had a bad taco or 12......

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