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Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (21st) QB Christian Hackenberg Penn St. Jr 6'3 5/8" 236 lbs. 4.78

Analysis: Bradford shouldn't be in the Eagles future, and so drafting a QB in this year's draft is a must. Hackenberg is a local kid, playing great football at the moment. Look for his name to be called for the Eagles come draft season, and replace Riley Cooper as Philly's number 14.

Christian Hackenberg vs Rutgers 2014
Christian Hackenberg Interview 11/26/2013
Christian Hackenberg vs Northwestern 2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (16th) OT Kyle Murphy Stanford Sr 6'6 5/8" 298 lbs. 5.19

Analysis: The Eagles lost their 2nd round pick with the Bradford trade.

It is a well known fact that Chip likes to draft big guys from the PAC12. Murphy, out of Stanford, could bring depth to the Eagles OL, considering its current state. With Jason Peters acting his age (ooooolddd), and Lane Johnson's LT stinge, Murphy could even look to be a starter at RT next year.

Kyle Murphy Interview 7/30/2015
Kyle Murphy High School Highlights
Kyle Murphy Interview 9/10/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (21st) WR Braxton Miller Ohio St. rSr 6'1 3/8" 215 lbs. 4.42

Analysis: This would be a very interesting pick. With Braxton Miller, Chip could be looking at two positions; QB and WR. Indeed, Miller has the ability to be a decent receiver, but he could also produce depth, and perhaps start if Hackenberg doesn't cut it.

Braxton Miller discusses Nebraska
Braxton Miller vs Clemson 2014
Braxton Miller vs Iowa 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 4th (21st) UT Chris Jones Mississippi St. Jr 6'4 1/8" 308 lbs. 5.12

Analysis: The Eagles are losing 2 key Defensive Linemen to Free Agency; Cedric Thornton and Vinny Curry. Though I could see them resigning Curry, Thornton hasn't shown much for an extension, and thus could be lost. Vinny could definitely start for him next season, but a decent backup needs be drafted; Taylor Hart is poo, and Bair is getting old.

Show/Hide Player Comments 5th (16th) CB Eric Murray Minnesota Sr 5'10 5/8" 196 lbs. 4.51

Analysis: Walter Thurmond and Nolan Carroll are headed to FA, and I don't see the Eagles being capable of retaining both. In my opinion, Thurmond is a better player, and should be kept. Eric Murray can play both CB and FS, and has decent speed and range. Could provide depth for the Eagles secondary.

Show/Hide Player Comments 5th (19th) WR Kolby Listenbee Texas Christian rSr 6'1 1/4" 183 lbs. 4.36

Analysis: Possibly one of the fastest players in this year's draft, Listenbee has size as well as wheels. His hands though, are very questionable. Could be a developmental receiver, STeamer, and perhaps returner.

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th (16th) P Drew Kaser Texas A&M rSr 6'2 5/8" 210 lbs. 4.97

Analysis: Jones is old, and not punting awefully well atm. Look for the Eagles to bring competition for the Punter job.

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (16th) TE Dillon Gordon LSU Sr 6'3 3/4" 295 lbs. 4.94

Analysis: Gordon is no way playing TE. The Eagles could mold him into a quality OL, like was done of Jason Peters. Philadelphia desperately need a replacement for Peters, and perhaps a better RG, so competition could be won during camp. Gordon could be a very athletic lineman, which has been a trend with recent Eagles OL: Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Barber, Johnson (all running under 5 sec 40s).

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (28th) 34OLB Christian French Oregon rSr 6'5 1/4" 250 lbs. 4.78

Analysis: Poor depth at OLB could have French, the former Duck, be brought to Philly to compete with the likes of Braman and Smith for some backup playing time.

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