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Nov. Draft-update

College player movement on scouting draft boards, and injuries continue to change.

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Show/Hide Player Comments 2nd 34OLB Joshua Perry Ohio St. Sr 6'3 5/8" 254 lbs. 4.67

Analysis: Perry is the best system fit for the Patriots. Nice size and quickness. A true LB who has played all three LB positions, and drops into coverage very well. Coaches dream player had worker on and off the field.

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd OC Max Tuerk USC Sr 6'5 5/8" 285 lbs. 5.12

Analysis: Tuerk has dropped some what being done for the year with a knee. Another great fit for the Patriots OC,OG,tho I think he will work best as a right tackle to replace Vollmer in a year or so. Tuerks knee rehab will likely have him missing the NFL Combine, as well as a teams training camp. This makes Turek a likely 1st-2nd rounder a great value for the Patriots here.

Max Tuerk vs Washington St. 2013
Max Tuerk vs Notre Dame 2013
Max Tuerk vs Arizona 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd HB Tre Madden USC rSr 6'0 3/8" 228 lbs. 4.53

Analysis: Madden fits what the Patriots want in a RB with good size ad able to catch the ball out of the back field. Smart prospect to understand the Patriots system. This pick is a compensatory pick for the loss of Revis.

Show/Hide Player Comments 4th UT Jihad Ward Illinois Sr 6'5 1/2" 295 lbs. 4.98

Analysis: Ward plays all across the D-line just what Coach Belichick wants. I really like Dean Lowery here as well from Northwestern, 6'6" 280 who also plays all across the D-line.

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th CB Ken Crawley Colorado Sr 6'0 1/4" 180 lbs. 4.51

Analysis: Crawley has maybe the longest arms in the CB class,plays the ball well and has good speed.

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th CB Nick VanHoose Northwestern rSr 5'11 1/4" 190 lbs. 4.54

Analysis: another interesting prospect . Compensatory pick for the loss of RB Vereen.

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th WR Max McCaffrey Duke Sr 6'1 5/8" 195 lbs. 4.67

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th QB Joel Stave Wisconsin rSr 6'5 1/4" 225 lbs. 4.93

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