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2015 Dallas Mock 1.1

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Show/Hide All Player Comments Round (Overall) Pos Name College Cls Height Weight 40
Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (28th) 43DE Eli Harold Virginia Jr 6'3 3/4" 235 lbs. 4.73

Analysis: Harold has the frame to add enough size to contribute as a 3 down DE in a 4-3 defense however, in his rookie season, Harold will have to play the roll of a pass rush specialist. He is quick and uses his hands well to put constant pressure on the offensive tackle. Due to his size he is a major liability against the run. He may also fit at SAM.

Eli Harold vs Louisville 2014
Eli Harold Interview 8/2/2013
Eli Harold vs UCLA 2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 2nd (28th) FS Gerod Holliman Louisville rSo 5'11 3/4" 202 lbs. 4.54

Analysis: Dallas has not had a ballhawking safety in the secondary since Woodson over a decade ago. Wilcox is developing well but does not have the range to play a center field safety nor does Barry Church which plays better closer to the line of scrimmage. Gerod Holliman has the skill set, hands and range to play center field, over the top and help the defense off the field.

Gerod Holliman High School Highlights
Gerod Holliman Interview 11/29/2014
Gerod Holliman Tribute 11/12/2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (28th) UT Gabe Wright Auburn Sr 6'3 1/8" 285 lbs. 4.98

Analysis: Gabe Wright is undersized however, his quick first step and ability to cut through the gaps, he is exactly the type of 3-Tech that Rod Marinelli looks for. His size makes him a liability in the run if he cannot shed his blocker. However, Rod's one gap system gives players like Wright the edge as he plays off the inside shoulder of the OT and knifes through the "B" gap allowing him to disrupt plays before they start.

Gabe Wright Interview 10/8/2013
Gabe Wright Interview 2/5/2011
Gabe Wright Interview 11/12/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 4th (28th) FS Eric Rowe Utah Sr 6'1 1/8" 205 lbs. 4.49

Analysis: Eric Rowe is a big, physical CB that can cover well in man to man situations. Uses his size and length to jam receivers at the line, turn and run, breaks up the past at the high point. He is susceptible to double moves and he tends to drop easy interceptions on occasions. Which Brandon Carr being asked to take a pay cut and the disappointment of Morris Claiborne, Dallas could lose a lot of help in the secondary.

Eric Rowe Interview 10/13/2014
Eric Rowe pick-six vs Washington St. 2014
Eric Rowe Interview 4/16/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 5th (28th) HB Jeremy Langford Michigan St. rSr 5'11 5/8" 205 lbs. 4.47

Analysis: Jeremy Langford is a work horse back. He hits the hole hard and picks up the dirty yards. He gets stronger as the game goes on and finishes nicely. He is proficient in pass protection as well. However, he needs to develop more patients and let his blockers engage before accelerating through the hole. He also has a lot of mileage on him from his time at Michigan State which could shorten his career. With Murray hitting the FA market, he may price himself out of what Dallas is willing or able to pay him. Couple that with Randle's recent arrest history and Dallas could be in serious need of a RB. Langford fits Garrets "right kind of player" mold.

Jeremy Langford 2-yard touchdown run vs Western Michigan 2013
Jeremy Langford 2011-2013 Highlights
Jeremy Langford Interview 10/16/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (17th) WLB Junior Sylvestre Toledo Sr 5'11 3/4" 222 lbs. 4.54

Analysis: Junior Sylvestre is an undersized, small school prospect however, he is very fast, is a tackling machine and played his best games against out of conference, big school opponents. He has side line to side line speed and is athletic enough to cover quick slot receivers that the NFL loves to employ these days. He is a developmental project but he has potential and is worth the seventh round pick.

Junior Sylvestre High School Highlights
Junior Sylvestre Interview 11/29/2013
Junior Sylvestre Interview 9/28/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (22nd) NT Leterrius Walton Central Michigan rSr 6'4 5/8" 323 lbs. 5.19

Analysis: Dallas needs a big fat guy right in the middle on goal line and running downs. Nick Hayden has improved but is still a liability allowing running backs to fly, untouched, into the next level consistently gaining yards play after play. For Dallas to be a major contender next season they will have to not only limit the amount of time the defense is on the field but control the rushing attack to force 2nd/3rd and long.

Leterrius Walton Interview 3/20/2015
Leterrius Walton Game Highlights vs Kansas 2014
Leterrius Walton Interview 9/19/2014

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