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Jrry32 1/22/2015 Dream Draft

This is what I'd do if I were in the Rams shoes. Starting to see smoke about Mariota dropping. Normally, I'd ignore it but after last year with Bridgewater, I'll lend it some credence.

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Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (10th) QB Marcus Mariota Oregon rJr 6'3 5/8" 215 lbs. 4.52

Analysis: Jameis Winston is my "guy" but I think he's going #1 to TB. I like Mariota and I think he's worth of being a top 10 pick. I see Winston as a Favre like talent which is why I desperately want him. With Mariota, I see a more physically talented Alex Smith. Think he'll be a good game manager and a good NFL QB but I'm not sold he'll be great. Which is where the difference lies between him and Winston.

But he'll have the opportunity to develop for a year behind Bradford...assuming Sam can stay healthy.

Marcus Mariota vs Arizona 2013
Marcus Mariota vs Ohio St. 2014
Oregon QB Marcus Mariota 2012 Highlights

Show/Hide Player Comments 2nd (9th) OG A.J. Cann South Carolina rSr 6'3 1/8" 318 lbs. 5.18

Analysis: Tremendously talented, extremely experienced, and a great fit for our power blocking scheme up front. Needs some technical development in pass pro...especially with his punch. But flashes the ability to be a devastating run blocker and a very good pass protector. Can play either OG spot on an OL that needs the help.

A.J. Cann Interview 7/21/2014
A.J. Cann Interview 10/12/2013
A.J. Cann Interview 7/15/2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 3rd (8th) OT Cedric Ogbuehi Texas A&M rSr 6'4 3/4" 300 lbs. 4.98

Analysis: This is the type of pick I like making. Ogbuehi may not be ready to play in 2015 but he was a first round talent prior to his torn ACL so I'll give him a redshirt year and then allow him to compete in 2016 if need be. He was overrated in the media...struggled this year at LT. There are some questions about his character(work habits) and his technique is poor. However, you can't teach the physical talent he has. His feet and movement skills are phenomenal. He can play either OT spot and either OG spot. Great kid to develop. And we're actually talented enough now to make picks like these.

Cedric Ogbuehi press conference
Cedric Ogbuehi vs Missouri 2013
Cedric Ogbuehi Interview 10/19/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 5th (9th) OT Rob Havenstein Wisconsin rSr 6'7 7/8" 327 lbs. 5.39

Analysis: Havenstein is a guy that I really like. We continue our run on OLs because it's time to fix this problem once and for all. I think Havenstein might end up inside in the pros like Alex Boone but I think he'll do extremely well there. His feet might be adequate enough outside but I think he has far more potential as an OG. He's a rare type of big man that has the wide base, anchor, and ability to play with leverage to play inside at OG. He'll provide depth behind Saffold...which is always sorely needed. And could compete for the RT or a OG position in the future. Who knows...it's possible he could beat out Cann...but if that happens, that's a very good thing for us.

Rob Havenstein vs Minnesota 2013
Rob Havenstein Interview 7/30/2014
Rob Havenstein Interview 8/31/2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 6th (32nd) UT J.T. Surratt South Carolina rSr 6'1 1/2" 305 lbs. 5.08

Analysis: There's a strong likelihood that Kendall Langford is cut to open up cap space. Surratt is a guy I like in the rotational run stuffer role. He's a short, squatty guy and an extremely hard worker with a motor that consistently runs hot and an intellectual approach to the game. Was known for taking young guys under his wing at SC and teaching them the defense. Great kid, tough to move in the run game but doesn't have much pass rush potential.

J.T. Surratt Interview 8/4/2013
J.T. Surratt Interview 7/15/2014
J.T. Surratt Interview 9/30/2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 7th (31st) WR Jamarcus Nelson Alabama-Birmingham rSr 5'10 3/4" 160 lbs. 4.37

Analysis: Nelson was the best returnman in the NCAA this year. He's blazing fast and will likely come close to breaking into the 4.2s in the 40 at the Combine if invited. I think he's very arguably the fastest player in this draft. But he also displays great balance, vision, and decisiveness on returns. Averaged nearly 40 yards per kickoff return in 2014 and had 4 KR TDs. He had a 100 yard KR TD against Arkansas and a 88 yard receiving TD against Mississippi State in 2014 so he's capable of playing with the big boys. Nelson also showed off better receiving skills than I expected and could possibly take Chris Givens's role in the offense.

Jamarcus Nelson 88-yard touchdown catch vs Mississippi St. 2014
Jamarcus Nelson UAB Highlights
Jamarcus Nelson kick return touchdowns

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