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Ferjist's Texans Mock Draft

All team 1st round (part 1)

1. HOU 2. STL 3. JAX 4. CLE 5. OAK 6. ATL 7. TB 8. MIN 9. BUF 10. DET 11. TEN 12. NYG 13. STL 14. CHI 15. PIT

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Show/Hide All Player Comments Round (Overall) Pos Name College Cls Height Weight 40
Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (1st) QB Teddy Bridgewater Louisville Jr 6'2 1/8" 214 lbs. 4.79

Analysis: The Houston Texans select, Teddy Bridgewater, Quarterback, Louisville.

The best QB on the board, the Texans need to improve their Quarterback play if they want to take their team to the next level. Schaub will be gone, and Keenum is a good backup at best. With the way the league is moving right now, I see Bridgewater a prime target for a new-look offense in Houston.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Cincinnati 2013
Teddy Bridgewater vs Miami 2013 (Russell Athletic Bowl)
Teddy Bridgewater Interview 12/29/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (2nd) 43DE Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina Jr 6'5 1/4" 266 lbs. 4.53

Analysis: With the 2nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select, Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina.

Whilst the Rams pass-rush is not a problem, Clowney could be the guy at the number 2 spot. With teams in the NFC West moving into the spread-option, the use of three Defensive Ends on the line has shown wonders, as seen in Seattle during the Superbowl. Quinn, Long and Clowney would be devastating.

Jadeveon Clowney Highlights 2013
Jadeveon Clowney vs Arkansas 2012
Jadeveon Clowney Interview 4/4/2014

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (3rd) OT Greg Robinson Auburn rSo 6'5" 332 lbs. 4.92

Analysis: With the third pick, in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Greg Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Auburn.

Robinson is the best Tackle in this year's draft. With the addition of Robinson, the Jaguars could have one of the best Offensive lines in the NFL. Also, Gus Bradley may find the right spot for him on the line, considering Robinson and Joekel have experience play either LT or RT.

Greg Robinson 2013-2014 Highlights
Greg Robinson Interview 2/21/2014
Greg Robinson Interview 10/6/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (4th) QB Johnny Manziel Texas A&M rSo 5'11 3/4" 207 lbs. 4.68

Analysis: With the 4th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Browns select, Johnny Manziel, Quarterback, Texas A&M.

This seems like a big no-brainer. Cleveland has publicly stated that they wanted Manziel badly, and it seems like they will get what they want. Johnny Football was definitely one of the greatest stars in college football, and the Browns will need to support him off the field. I recon he will be one of the NFL's great in a few years.

Every Johnny Manziel Touchdown (47)
Johnny Manziel vs Duke 2013 (Chick-Fil-A Bowl)
Johnny Manziel vs Florida 2012

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (5th) WR Sammy Watkins Clemson Jr 6'0 3/4" 211 lbs. 4.43

Analysis: With the 5th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select, Sammy Watkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson.

I think the Raiders will give Pryor one more year before putting him out of a job. He's a very talented, young Quarterback, that has shown some star-power during the season. I think that the addition of Sammy Watkins, a true contestant for the number 2 spot (behind Denarius Moore), will make the Raiders legit playoff contenders, if they play this offseason right.

Sammy Watkins Highlights
Sammy Watkins Tribute 5/5/2014
Sammy Watkins vs Ohio St. 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (6th) OT Jake Matthews Texas A&M Sr 6'5 1/2" 308 lbs. 5.07

Analysis: With the 6th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select, Jake Matthews, Texas A&M.

The Falcons' offensive line is the most garbage in the NFL at the moment. Their starting line-up is a bunch of oversized clowns. The addition of Jake Matthews at the Left Tackle spot would definitely bolster this poor excuse of a line, moving Holmes back at RT or Guard.

Jake Matthews vs Alabama 2013
Jake Matthews interview 11/1/2011
Jake Matthews vs Duke 2013 (Chick Fil A Bowl)

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (7th) 34OLB Anthony Barr UCLA Sr 6'4 7/8" 255 lbs. 4.41

Analysis: With the 7th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select, Anthony Barr, Defensive End, UCLA.

Anthony Barr is considered to be a 3-4 LB prospect, and I think the Bucs could use him in a variety of ways. They need help on defense, and Barr could either take over at LDE, over Te'o-Nesheim, or at one of the OLB jobs, if he shows good coverage skills at the combine.

Anthony Barr vs Stanford 2013
Anthony Barr vs Houston 2012

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (8th) QB Blake Bortles Central Florida rJr 6'5" 232 lbs. 4.93

Analysis: With the 8th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select, Blake Bortles, UCF.

The Vikings had fun this season showing off their depth at QB. Now, they want to show one great player. The offensive general. I see Bortles fit the role well. He's young, smart, charismatic. He's shown he's got a big arm, and has some speed to extend the plays. And if he doesn't play-out, well, you've got three vets to teach him the tricks!

Blake Bortles vs Missouri 2012
Blake Bortles Interview 5/8/2014
Blake Bortles vs South Florida 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (9th) 34OLB Khalil Mack Buffalo rSr 6'2 5/8" 251 lbs. 4.55

Analysis: With the 9th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select, Khalil Mack, Buffalo.

Wouldn't it be fitting if the best ever prospect to come out of Buffalo would end up in Buffalo? I think Mack would fit awefully well in Buffalo's hybrid defense, and would be a great player from the getgo. Team him up with Mario Williams, Kiko Alonso and Marcell Dareus, and you could have the NFL's best front 7!

Khalil Mack Buffalo Highlights
Khalil Mack vs Ohio St. 2013
Khalil Mack Interview 11/5/2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (10th) CB Darqueze Dennard Michigan St. Sr 5'10 7/8" 199 lbs. 4.52

Analysis: With the 10th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select, Darqueze Dennard, Cornerback, Michigan State.

To round out the Top 10, the Lions select the first CB of the 2014 Draft. He's a play-maker, and has great potential at the next level. The Lions are in dire need of a Cornerback, so why not pick-up a Michigan athlete? One of maybe two or three top prospects at cornerback, this pick will be decided at the combine.

Darqueze Dennard vs Iowa 2013
Darqueze Dennard vs Western Michigan 2013
Darqueze Dennard Spartan Highlights (2010-2012)

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (11th) 34DE Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame Jr 6'5 1/2" 304 lbs. 4.92

Analysis: With the 11th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select, Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame.

Their has been talk of Tennessee moving on from their 4-3 defense, into the more aggressive 3-4 front. If this is the case, Stephon Tuitt, the huge Notre Dame DE, could become a dominant piece of such attacking front. He is versatile, can play 43 and 34 Defensive End, Nose Tackle, and DT in a 43. He is the complete package you are looking for in a defensive lineman at the next level.

Stephon Tuitt Interview 11/6/2013
Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame Highlights
Stephon Tuitt - Post Practice - Aug 9

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (12th) CB Justin Gilbert Oklahoma St. Sr 6'0 1/8" 202 lbs. 4.37

Analysis: With the 12th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select, Justin Gilbert, Cornerback, Oklahoma State.

The Giants were aweful in pass coverage last year (and I am not saying that because I'm an Eagles fan). Justin Gilbert is a definite day 1 starter, and will add speed and physicality to the secondary. He may also add depth at safety, or move either Amukamara or Thomas to the FS spot.

Justin Gilbert vs Mizzou 2014 (Cotton Bowl)
Justin Gilbert vs Oklahoma 2013
Justin Gilbert Interview 9/24/2012

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (13th) OT Taylor Lewan Michigan rSr 6'7 1/8" 309 lbs. 4.87

Analysis: With the 13th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select, Taylor Lewan, Michigan.

If the huge tackle from Michigan is still on the board at number 13, the Rams will have goten a huge steal in the first round. Highly considered as a top 10 pick in last year's draft, before he opted to stay in school, Lewan had a slightly down year this season. However, he's still a huge prospect, who could definitely take the RT spot.

Taylor Lewan vs. William Gholston (2012)
Taylor Lewan #55 - 2007 Junior Highlight Film
Taylor Lewan vs Ohio St. 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (14th) FS Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix Alabama Jr 6'1 3/8" 208 lbs. 4.58

Analysis: With the 14th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select, Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, Alabama.

Chicago's defense is going to take a beating this offseason. Three out of four of their starting DBs are impending free agents, and the fourth is not a premium safety. The addition of Clinton-Dix could somewhat stop the bleeding, as the former Crimson Tide was an elite player in college.

Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix Interview 9/9/2013
Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix vs Oklahoma 2014 (Sugar Bowl)
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix vs Ole Miss 2013

Show/Hide Player Comments 1st (15th) OT Cyrus Kouandjio Alabama Jr 6'6 3/4" 322 lbs. 5.46

Analysis: With the 15th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select, Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama.

To finish-off part 1 of my fantasy draft, I have the Steelers selecting Kouandjio. An elite Tackle prospect, who's overshadowed by the other OTs in this year's draft. Played exceptionaly well for Saban at Alabama, he could win over the starting LT job for the Steelers straight away.

Cyrus Kouandjio Interview 5/2/2011
Cyrus Kouandjio High School Highlights
Cyrus Kouandjio vs Oklahoma 2014 (Sugar Bowl)

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Posted on: Sunday, February 09, 2014 @ 12:41 pm
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Total Comments: 241
Joined on: 7/5/2011
This is a hilarious way to make a full round mock draft. Very creative! lol It's a bit of an abomination though with the look of it all.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Full round mock drafts are already functional and working on the website. They are still being tested though. I estimate another 2 weeks before they go live for everyone to use. Can't wait!

Posted on: Monday, February 10, 2014 @ 2:15 am
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Total Comments: 241
Joined on: 7/5/2011
As a Ram fan I have to say I love the Clowney pick if they can't trade down. I also would be great with Robinson at that pick too. Not a big fan of Lewan though. I would prefer someone else. In this scenario, maybe a trade down or one of the WR's, either Evans or Lee.

Posted on: Monday, February 10, 2014 @ 3:01 am
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Total Comments: 12
Joined on: 1/30/2014
At least I've got a head start on everybody else haha.

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