New England Patriots Mock Dream Draft

By pattryout on 2/28/2016 at 4:12 PM

With the Combine about done time to up-date my mock draft. You can see my Patriot articles at

2nd 34OLB Joshua Perry - Ohio St.

Analysis: If Perry is available he is a great fit for the Patriots.

3rd TE Nick Vannett - Ohio St.

Analysis: The loss of Gronk last year to injury for 3 games showed the Patriots the need for a TE to groom behind Gronk. A solid blocker with very large hands.

3rd CB Sean Davis - Maryland

Analysis: This is a compensatory pick for the loss of Revis. Davis is a tackling machine, maybe more of a SS then CB but plays both positions.

4th OT Stephane Nembot - Colorado

Analysis: Could go with several o-linemen here Joe Haeg would a good choice if available. Nembot is raw and will need time.

5th QB Cody Kessler - USC

Analysis: This pick is a Compensatory pick for the loss of Wilfork, or Shane Vereen. Patriots need to start carrying 3 QB's on the Roster, I like Hogan from Stanford but think he is gone this late. Kessler is a solid prospect.

6th HB Keith Marshall - Georgia

Analysis: This 6th pick is from the Houston deal for WR Martin.

6th 34OLB Curt Maggitt - Tennessee

Analysis: Compensatory pick from the loss of Wilfork or Vereen. Maggitt has had some injuries but is great value here.

7th OC Dan Voltz - Wisconsin

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