Chance Warmack NFL Draft Profile

Position #1: Offensive Guard    Position #2:
Jersey: #65    Height: 6'2 3/8"
School: Alabama Crimson Tide    Weight: 320 lbs.
Class: Senior    40 Time: 5.32

Drafted By: Tennessee Titans - 1st round (10th overall) 2013 NFL Draft

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Combine/Pro Day Results
Event Hand Arm Wing 40 10 BP BJ VJ 3C SS20 XP SQD M40 M10
Combine 9 5/8" 34 3/4" -- 5.49 1.83 -- 9'2" -- -- -- -- -- 957.96 718.47
Pro Day -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 7.93 5.01 -- -- -- --

General Notes

Senior Bowl Invite:Hasn't accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl.
East/West Shrine Invite:Hasn't accepted an invite to the East/West Shrine Game.

Written By: Jerry Edwards

Chance Warmack is a massive and freakishly strong Left Guard from Alabama. He is the definition of the word mauler in the run game. He often will blow his man off the line of scrimmage when run blocking. He plays with a great pad level in the run game, shows a very long lower body and excellent drive blocking skills. Warmack also shows a real mean streak and will play through the whistle. He is definitely a guy who finishes his blocks and loves the physicality of the position. However, he does not look that comfortable pulling or blocking in space. He does not show great lateral agility or speed to the edge when pulling and will struggle at times to get a hat on heads because of it. However, he has improved this year at getting out to the edge and finding a guy to block. He is an effective second level blocker when not pulling because of his straight-line burst. He is definitely a player suited for a power blocking scheme.

Warmack is a very stout and solid pass protector. There have been rare examples of him being driven back with bull rushes but it is few and far between. The thing I like the most about Warmack as a blocker is that he has shown the ability to effectively pass block with powerful punches and the ability to grab and engage defenders. Most guards do one or the other well but not both. This bodes well for his ability to adapt his game to the competition he is facing. He also possesses a very strong anchor due to his lower body strength and can consistently stonewall most defensive tackles.

Warmack is the best guard in the 2013 NFL Draft. His size, power and all around blocking ability should allow him to make an impact from day one in the NFL. He shows the ability to move whoever is in front of him in the run game and consistently give his QB a clean pocket in the passing game. That will endear him to a lot of NFL teams. While he does not appear to have the agility and overall athleticism to play in the ZBS, he should still be selected in the first 25 picks of the draft.

  1. Played in and started all 14 games.
  2. Played in and started all 13 games.
  3. Played in and started all 13 games.
  4. Played in 5 games.
  1. First-Team All-SEC selection. First-Team All- American selection.
  2. Second-Team All-SEC selection.
Known Injuries:
  1. Injured ring finger against Auburn but played through it with the help of heavy taping on his hand.

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Posted on: Friday, December 28, 2012 @ 5:08 am
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The best lineman on the best Oline in the country. Power and leverage is his game. Low center of gravity allows him to root out big dlinemen and create a running lane. Has the girth to follow through on his quick first step and leverage. Great at trapping. Adjusts usually very well on the move and always gets a chunk of his assignment.

Stonewalls the opponent's pass rush and sets a good pocket. Although there is little college tape on this because he is smart and assignment sound, does he have the height and length of arms to pick up the twists and stunts at the next level? That is usually the question of the shorter, stumpier guards.

Top 20, you betcha.

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