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DraftnikCentral Timeline of Events

The timeline of events is a list of significant events that have happened over DraftnikCentral's history. Listed in chronological order from the newest entry to the oldest.

Start from the beginning.

2014 Events

Launched Dream Draft analytics. Analytics allow comparitive analysis between a user's Dream Draft and the real NFL draft.

Added images to the draft prospect pages.

Officially launched player specific polls for the new draft season. If such a poll exists for a player it will appear on the prospects individual profile page in the sidebar to the right.

Upgraded the draft prospect pages section. Added sub-navigation links for items on each page. Separated sections into their own pages. Added career totals on stats page. Fixed Flash bug on draft pages. Upgraded the video section to display videos by type. Featured videos are now targetted for best placement.

Launched the ability to create Overall prospect rankings to our already pre-existing Top Prospects Per Position tool. Previously you only had the ability to do single positions or smaller position groups. This allows you to have a more complete picture to your individual prospect rankings.

Launched our new Full Round Mock Draft tool. It allows you to create full round mock drafts from one round up to seven rounds.

Added videos/video link functionality to all prospects added in drafts for all draft types to give drafts a more aesthetic feel to them.

2013 Events

Officially launched the Search NFL Draft Prospects page. This will let you search for any prospect in the database by last name. The form to search also appears in the navigation menu on most pages. Our prospect database currently dates back to the 2011 draft season.

Launched a revamped main page. New additions include a comments timeline, latest user prospect rankings, last 10 videos uploaded and most recent polls. Each with their own timelines.

Revamped the top prospects per position rankings (T3PR) system. Redesigned the entire structure of how the prospects are displayed from one page for offense/defense to individual pages by position. Prospects now have general information associated with them, other than name and school.

"Drafted" prospects now will have a team logo beside their name once drafted, as well as the round and overall position. That allows you to be able to keep track of the prospects in your rankings and see who is still available as the draft picks are chosen live.

Officially launched the Compare NFL Draft Prospect Videos Tool. This will let you isolate any two draft prospect videos for a side by side comparison. We feel it brings an added or extra unique dimension to the viewing process that you won't find anywhere else.

The first "official" poll appeared on the site. Asking if the color scheme is too pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

DraftnikCentral.com launches it's NFL draft prospect video section officially, for the 2014 draft season. Stat and Video totals can be seen in the position lists next to the players names.

DraftnikCentral.com becomes the first draft website to turn itself pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Launched new college football statistics section and prospects statistics comparison tool, which allows you to compare statistics for NFL draft prospects across multiple years and multiple players. Statistics section includes statistics by year but not by game (coming in the future) for all positions.

Launched new player page. Updates include statistics by year but not by game (coming in the future) It also includes Dream/Hindsight Draft statistic functionality. How many times has the player been drafted? By which teams? (Top 5) and in which rounds. Game Reviews have been removed as of this update but will probably re-appear somewhere else in the future.

Launched the first Pro Day Tracker tool. A close cousin to the NFL Combine Tracker tool.

Launched the Prospect Statistic Comparison tool for beta testing.

Brought in the new year with a brand new stats system for draft prospect profiles. With analytical pages coming soon.

2012 Events

Added some new account features like the addition of being able to display a twitter handle on your profile page. There are also a few new privacy preference options in the user control panel.

Launched a new view user account details page. Now all of your user account details can be found in one easy to use central location. Contents include personal details, preferences, past drafts, past surveys and much more with a full history of comments soon to come.

Launched a new view player page with more new additions. Additions include real player age, age of player the year of the draft (for historical reference purposes.) Senior Bowl invite, East/West Shrine Game invite, NFL Combine invite and underclassmen declared information.
Launched Top Prospect Per Position Rankings tool. Allowing you to create your own prospect rankings lists by position in an easy to use and maintain format.
Launched Dream Drafts 2.0 now with the ability to manipulate rounds/overalls of each pick and the amount of picks selected.
Launched new view player page with many new additions including but not limited to embedded youtube videos, a general notes category, expanded position types, a secondary projected position, birthdates, draft ages and more.
First annual Best of the Best survey launches.
Launch of 2nd annual Hindsight Draft and Draftnik Challenge.
First NFL Combine stat tracker tool appearance.
DraftnikCentral's Dream Drafts are officially launched on March 8th, 2012.
DraftnikCentral's first annual Best of the Guess is launched on February 10th, 2012.

2011 Events

Show Prospects by Team tool launches on October 27th, 2011. This tool allows you to quickly compare two teams NFL draft prospects side by side for any teams in any listed year. Need to know who is in the game this weekend or what number that guy is wearing or if he'll even be available for the game? Then it's for you.
First ever Game Review for the site is uploaded on October 6th, 2011.
Official launch of site for the 2011-2012 draft season on August 26th, 2011.
Official launch of the site on July 4th, 2011 with content for the 2010-2011 draft season.
Beta launch of the site.
DraftnikCentral's first Draftnik Challenge functionality is created.
DraftnikCentral's first Hindsight Draft is created.
DraftnikCentral's first Dream Draft is created a few days before the 2011 NFL Draft. Unfortunately it was not able to launch in time prior to the draft.
Founder –Mike Lakes– begins working on the site March 7th.

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