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Schedule of Events

DraftnikCentral is a seasonal site. That means the content changes depending on the time of year. Different site features are available in different months. To help you stay in touch with what's going on at DraftnikCentral year round, we created this handy schedule of events calendar below. Just follow along with the color chart to see what's happening when.

A site phase consists of groups of similar content on display at the website. When the site shifts to a new phase, new content will begin, while other content comes to an end, until next year. Some site phases overlap as shown below:

  • Pre-Draft: December, January, February, March, April
  • Post-Draft: May, June
  • Preseason: July, August
  • In-Season: September, October, November, December, January
DraftnikCentral.com's Legend, for the Calendar of Events below.

DraftnikCentral.com's Calendar of Events.

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