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Updated as of: June 28th, 2011


General use: You may browse mock drafts created by other users without an account. You may also contact us through our web form without having to create an account.

Your DraftnikCentral Account: Will allow you to access restricted content on the site. Restricted content includes but is not limited to: Different Mock Draft creation tools, Draftnik Challenge participation, Community Forums. Having an account will also give you the ability to participate in community discussions on various pages as well as the ability to rate content. We ask for some required information when creating an account, such as: Username, Password, and Email Address. All of which are used to protect your account from unauthorized access and reduce spam on the site.

Personal Information: In addition to your Username, password, email, we also ask for some additional non-obligatory information such as your Name, Birthdate and Team Interests. We do not share any personal information with any third parties nor do we use any personal information for any other outside purposes, including selling. You are under no obligation to give your real name, age/birthdate, or team preferences when becoming a member of DraftnikCentral.

Usage Information: DraftnikCentral does collect some general usage information about how it's users interact with this website. Information such as your browser, screen resolution, page tracking, IP logging, etc. We use that information to operate, maintain, and improve the features and functionality of this site.

Public Information: When you create an account at DraftnikCentral, some information about your DraftnikCentral account and DraftnikCentral account activity will be made publically available. This information may include the date that your DraftnikCentral account was created, the date of the last time you logged into your DraftnikCentral account, how many comments and/or forum posts you've made. As well as mock drafts you've created and any associated information.

Your DraftnikCentral Account Username, not your email address, is displayed to other users when you engage in certain activities on DraftnikCentral, such as when you send messages through DraftnikCentral. Other users can contact you as well by leaving a message or comment on the site.

Security Measures: DraftnikCentral has certain security measures in place to keep your sensative data, such as your password, safe & protected from unauthorized use or users. As such, if you were to ever lose your password, you will need to generate a new temporary password in order to access your account using the forgotten password page.

Cookies: DraftnikCentral has two uses for cookies at this time. One is in logging/keeping track of unique visits/visitors to certain pages of the site. The other is an optional remember me cookie on the login page that stores your login ID. The latter is used for authorization purposes only. DraftnikCentral does not use cookies for any other reason at this time.


Contacting Us: If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy statement, the practices of DraftnikCentral, or your dealings with DraftnikCentral, you can contact us through our web form. Thank you.

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