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2015 NFL Draft Order

[Week 17]

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Overall Team
1.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2.) Tennessee Titans
3.) Jacksonville Jaguars
4.) Oakland Raiders
5.) Washington Redskins
6.) New York Jets
7.) Chicago Bears
8.) Atlanta Falcons
9.) New York Giants
10.) St. Louis Rams
11.) Minnesota Vikings
12.) Cleveland Browns
13.) New Orleans Saints
14.) Miami Dolphins
15.) San Francisco 49ers
16.) Houston Texans
17.) San Diego Chargers
18.) Kansas City Chiefs
19.) ^ Cleveland Browns
20.) Philadelphia Eagles
21.) Carolina Panthers
22.) Baltimore Ravens
23.) Cincinnati Bengals
24.) Detroit Lions
25.) Pittsburgh Steelers
26.) Indianapolis Colts
27.) Arizona Cardinals
28.) Dallas Cowboys
29.) Green Bay Packers
30.) New England Patriots
31.) Denver Broncos
32.) Seattle Seahawks

^ denotes a trade.

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