Hindsight Mock Draft Time!

You are the ultimate decision maker now. Do you draft the quarterback of the future or pass on a potential franchise signal caller for the guy rated highest on your list even though he's a tight end? These are the kinds of decisions you'll have to make when you re-draft your favorite team's picks as if you were the one running the draft.

At DraftnikCentral.com we put the power in your hands. Using our Hindsight Mock Draft tool you can step into the shoes of a GM and re-draft any pick you like from the past NFL Draft for your favorite team. You can also add optional commentary if you like to preserve how you really feel. When you're done you can choose to publish it and share it with the world.

They're easy to find too! We'll keep them hosted here so you can look back and see how you did in a couple of years. It's like having your own mock draft time capsule year after year. For a limited time only!

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2014 NFL Draft Results

The 2014 NFL draft results are in and it was a glorious three days of non-stop action. Which ended with another mad rush frenzy to sign this year's crop of Undrafted Free Agents as soon as the 7th round ended. See who your team drafted by clicking on your favorite team below.

You Can

Create your own team mock drafts & prospect rankings. Add commentary and analysis. Share it with your friends and/or the world. All from one easy to find central location.

Be Heard

Show off your evaluation skills by participating in any of our annual competitive challenges. Show off your guesstimation skills by participating in any of our draft related user surveys. Compare how you did with your friends and the rest of the world in the future.

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You can create a powerful online presence where you can keep track of all your user activity and promote yourself to the world. With a full repository of stats, videos & unrivaled comparison tools, we arm you with all the knowledge you'll need to make the most informed decisions and take your NFL draft experience to the next level.


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